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Art 2


Central Department of Fine Arts was introduced in the Year 2066 on the month of Bhadra.  The department was established full-fledged in the year of 2068, Ashoj.

The department is committed to educating its student as contemporary artists with solid foundation in both traditional and current practice. With in depth core disciplines, we advocate interdisciplinary and integrated approaches to making art. At the department of Fine Arts, we approach visual Learning through an inter disciplinary Lens, where studio and art history are integrated, ensuring students have a broad understanding of today's rich contemporary art Landscape and have the tools to build a strong career Path.

The department endorses a huge arena in Fine arts. Subject Like classical Music, Painting, Print-Making, Sculpture, Multimedia are most of the subjects that are studied Tabla and sitar is also studied as a subject. The semester system comprises of two years.


'Art is not what you see, but what you make others.'